2019 Middle-Range Theory Exposition
Friday, February 8th, 2019

9:45am - 4:30pm (Lunch Provided)
Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool
1 Brownlow St., Liverpool (UK)

Realist methodology involves the use of middle-range theories for informing the design and analysis of complex interventions. MRTs are published across diverse sectors and disciplines including, for example: healthcare, sociology, psychology, education, political science, management and implementation science. Given the scope of possibility for locating MRTs in the literature, the search can feel random and time consuming. Participants at CARES workshops frequently ask if there are resources to help in locating theories in the literature.

In response to that need, the 2019 MRT Expo seeks to augment the growing expertise of the realist community through cross-learning and knowledge sharing. The aim is to generate exposure to diverse theories and to develop new MRT resources for the improved productivity of realist projects. Expo attendees will have the opportunity to choose a theory, study it in the literature and prepare a presentation to share with others. The middle-range theories presented from the day will be compiled as proceedings from the event.

Cost and Registration:

General Attendance: £175
This rate is for attendees who would like to attend the day without any requirement for researching and planning a presentation

Presenter: £125 (to January 22nd, 2019)
Presenters are required to complete the adjacent form by Tuesday January 22nd and make registration payment. You do not need advanced approval. Once payment is received, you will be contacted with specific instructions for presentation. Depending on numbers, you will be invited to deliver an informal presentation of 10-20 minutes.

Refund Policy:

100% before December 20th, 2018
50% before January 15th, 2019
0% after January 15th 2019

MRT Expo, Liverpool Feb. 8, 2019
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MRT Expo, Liverpool Feb. 8, 2019
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