Realist Methodology Online Tutoring and Education (ReMOTE)

The ReMOTE programme is a one-on-one mentoring service with Dr. Justin Jagosh designed to support professionals and students in the conduct of realist projects. The service consists of three 2-hour consultation sessions conducted through GoToMeetings and audio/video recorded for post-session reflection. The audio/video file is made available typically within 48 hours of the session.

In advance of each session, the client is asked to submit relevant documents for discussion along with a prepared set of questions. Ph.D students may invite their supervisors to attend session when beneficial. Questions can cover all areas of the research, from establishing the research questions, developing programme and middle-range theories, how to customize protocols and conduct the analysis using CMO configuration. The sessions can be spaced out over the course of 6 months to allow the client time to reflect and carry forward the analysis from advice given during the sessions.

Once payment is made, a dropbox folder is set up and a date for the first meeting is established. Registration fees are: £600 for professional and £400 for student. These fees will remain in effect until December 31st, 2018. Ph.D students must have full time status.

Further questions about this service can be addressed to