Realist Methodology Online Tutoring and Education (ReMOTE)

One-to-One Ph.D Mentoring

The one-to-one mentoring service with Dr. Justin Jagosh provides online support to Ph.D students who are learning about, and using realist methodology in their doctoral research. This service may be particularly beneficial to doctoral candidates who lack supervisory expertise in realist methodology or require additional support. The service consists of three 2-hour consultation sessions conducted online through GoToTraining. This platform allows for screen sharing enabling the mentor and mentee to examine the work in progress, discuss and make guidance revisions to documents. Questions about how to develop realist programme theories, incorporate middle-range theories, collect data and configure context-mechanism-outcome are typically addressed and the mentee leaves the session with clear directives for work between sessions.

In advance of each meeting, the mentee is asked to submit relevant documents for discussion along with a prepared set of questions. Questions can cover all areas of the research, from establishing the research questions, developing programme and middle-range theories, customizing protocols and conducting the analysis using CMO configuration. The sessions can be spaced out over the course of 8 months to allow time to reflect and carry forward the analysis from advice given during the sessions.

Further questions about this service please contact Justin Jagosh at